Torchlight III will celebrate the ’12 Days of Wipemas’, just later in August

How we make the mess.

Torchlight III players already knew that there was a wipe incoming as a result of Relic retooling, but developer Echtra Games is apparently looking to “have a little fun with it” by celebrating the 12 Days of Wipemas. The downside is that today PWE and Echtra announced a delay for the wipe and associated festivities: It’s now coming August 11th.

Meanwhile, what is clearly outlined is the contents of a minor patch that fixes some issues like traveling to a blue void, erroneous achievement triggers, and an issue where players weren’t able to complete the Challenge Dungeon intro quest. That same update post, by the way, announces that the next State of the Game post will elaborate on tweaks to Relics. Which, again, are the whole reason for the wipe. Which is the reason for the Wipemas season.

sources: Twitter, Steam

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That has to be one of the most unfortunate names for a Holiday I’ve ever seen !!! lol

No such thing as a good wipe, even when they’re necessary, it’s always a sense of loss.


So they’re taking away the ability to change your relic? And I noticed each relic is associated with a weapon type. Sounds unfun.

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I’m waiting until the wipes are done to really start putting time into the game. That being said, this does seem like a nice way to try to make some fun out of what is inherently never a fun thing, props to them.