Dual Universe’s August beta will also see the end of NDA


Dual Universe is sort of repeating itself in its latest newsletter, but then tooting the horn of an upcoming beta launch is to be expected. What’s different in the announcement, however, is confirmation that beta will also spell the end of the game’s NDA, which means fans should expect a whole lot more user-created content in the very near future. Perhaps even here on this very site; after all, we do have a Survivalist.

The bulletin otherwise points to existing update details such as the beta FAQ, the newly designed character model, and a YouTube playlist of developer Q&A videos, so it seems like it’s all hands on deck for beta prep over at Novaquark. Oh, and they’ve also decided to upload their story trailer to their own YouTube channel, which we’ve embedded below.

source: newsletter

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Nice I’m excited to see whats really going on with this one.