World of Warcraft introduces the ability to switch Covenants in its latest Shadowlands beta build

This is not salvation.

Testing for World of Warcraft’s upcoming Shadowlands expansion just got a little more interesting. The most recent beta build of the expansion has introduced the ability for players to change their chosen Covenant.

Players will reportedly have to go through a series of confirmation windows to leave a Covenant, while returning to a Covenant involves the completion of a quest. Additionally, senior game designer Paul Kubit stated in an interview that switching Covenants should be easy but returning to a previous Covenant should be far more challenging and have some form of a restriction in order to limit people from blipping back and forth too often.

Readers will recall that this new option is a pretty significant divergence from making the decision a per-character one. Presumably, this will be done in service to The Meta, where players could possibly lock others from joining in raid groups because they picked the “wrong” Covenant that has the “wrong” powers. Or maybe players would rather be angels instead of vampires. In any event, it looks like testers currently have the choice, though of course this feature might not make it into the expansion’s full release.

source: Wowhead (1, 2)

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