Runes of Magic plans an August filled with bonus drops and extra expies


It turns out it’s been 115 days since we last talked about Runes of Magic, an unintended slight for an MMO that once commanded a weekly column on Old Massively. We’re rectifying that today, as Gameforge is kicking off summer events in the game starting next week.

“Different, exciting events await you each week this month in Taborea,” the studio says. “This includes a boost event and an event where you can get your hands on the highly sought after Proof of Myth, High Quality Peak Fragments and Peak Experience Orbs. Donโ€™t miss out on the fun!”

First up, starting Monday, August 3rd, is a massive loot drop boost, followed by birthday rewards from August 10th, experience and talent boosts from August 17th, and themed rewards from August 24th. Please do not stomp the sandcastles.


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Castagere Shaikura

Runes would be a fun old school MMO if they could fix that memory leak that causes the game to crash in crowded areas.