Fortnite’s receding water level reveals a new Atlantis-like location known as Coral Castle


As the water level recedes in the battle royale island of Fortnite, more locations are revealed, yet those who have been exploring the area (when they’re not being shot by other players) have been curiously peering at a particular corner of the map that was previously covered by a whirlpool that seemed to suggest a likely location for Atlantis thanks to a bit of visual trickery. Now that part of the map is fully revealed: It’s not Atlantis, it’s Coral Castle.

This particular area is surrounded by a wall of water, but reports from those who have been able to explore the location have found ancient-looking ruins, lots of coral growths, and a number of chests to discover. They also have found plenty of other players, which is to be expected from a new location showing up on the game’s map.

The new water level has also reintroduced Slurpy Swamp and reoriented the Fortilla by 90 degrees, while the map also has a spaceship near Craggy Cliffs with a multi-step local challenge. This appears to be the final update to the map as the water level is reportedly back to normal, which could set the table for whatever setup Epic Games has in store for the next season.

source: FortniteIntel via Kotaku
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