World of Warships enters into a crossover with Transformers for unique skins and voices

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It’s time for Transformers to cross over with World of Warships, and that means… ship skins. Like, seriously, that’s the thing. You might think that you would get ships based on some of the numerous Transformers with sea-based alternate modes (Tidal Wave, Broadside, Seaspray, Thunderblast, Depthcharge, Splashdown, Undertow, Flattop, Manta Ray, and Waterlog all spring to mind)… but no, it’s four ship skins. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee serve as representatives for the Autobots, while the Decepticons are represented by Megatron and… wow, Rumble?

This is a big day for Rumble, it seems. The lack of Starscream sort of makes sense, but not Soundwave or Shockwave? Rumble? Well, all right.

You can check out the ship skins, complete with little Transformer running about on the deck, in the trailer just below. When the full patch arrives in September there will be further events, patches, and decorations to mark it, but the four new skins are the big thing that’s being shown off today. It may be a rather odd choice of crossovers, but hey, if you want a warship with a transforming tank sitting on the deck, this has got you covered.


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Jim Bergevin Jr

You know, I like the game. I was a fan of the original cartoon and comic. I still have my original Optimus Prime with the box. This, I just don’t get. I haven’t really gotten a lot of their crossover promotions. Alex Ovechkin as a captain? Just give me the historically based stuff to blow up other ships with and I’m fine. I think this is why I’m beginning to prefer WoTanks and WoWarplanes over warships any more.