Fallout 76 patches in a new public event and the communal Brotherhood of Steel base building effort


I’ll be honest, the only reason I enjoy the Brotherhood of Steel is that they have neat toys, which I suspect would be a prime reason for Fallout 76 players to join in on the community goal of building a Brotherhood of Steel base, which is something that can now be done with the latest update.

In addition to helping the faction have a big new house in the world, the update has also added “A Colossal Problem” to the game, which is the name of a new public event and (ideally) not another series of game-shattering bugs. This level 50 event will see teams of players delve into the Monongah Mine to take on a variety of challenges like falling debris, a massive drill, and a variety of creatures including a legendary Wendigo Colossus. All of this runs on a timer, so players will want to work quickly to slay the beasties and escape the mine.

The update also sets the table for the return of Meat Week on August 18th as well as changes to the Ammo Converter, updates to quests, and a ream of bug fixes. All of the details are in the patch notes.


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Stephen H

You might want to re-read the patch notes regarding “A Colossal Problem”. The code and assets have been patched in but are not active. The event will actually come with another patch in a few weeks.

Dug From The Earth

Still waiting for One Wasteland. Tired of having to deal with the hassle of eating and drinking so freaking often, among other things.



Stephen H

Me too. I don’t understand why developers keep shoving this mechanic into games. It adds absolutely nothing positive to gameplay and simply becomes an irritant. Many games have underperformed just because of this one mechanic.

I’m going to enjoy all the time I won’t be wasting gathering cooking supplies, boiling water (somehow takes up to 10 seconds per item), cooking (also somehow takes up to 10 seconds per item), and stopping whatever I’m in the middle of for the pointless purpose of eating/drinking.


I still think that what F76 needs at this point in its life is a full on free to download and free to play for a minimum of 2 weeks. Personally, I would not even bother with the download if it was for just a ‘free weekend’ type event. Need much longer than 2 or 3 days to see if a game is to my liking.

Without that, I have to go by the impressions, reviews and information provided by folks that have played extensively.

So far, it is still a ‘no thanks’ from me.


I agree but you know and everyone knows that Bethesda is way too greedy for that.

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If you have Xbox Gamepass for PC it’s on there and available to play.

Stephen H

Gamepass users already have access to it on Xbox and PC.