Black Desert Mobile adds a new tower defense mode, PC lets players graduate season servers early


Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile both have some things going on in the news today, as is very often the case for these games, so allow me to once again offer you this bundle of Black Desert treats to look over.

We’ll start with the mobile version, which has introduced a new mode known as the Path of Glory that promises to bring “a unique twist on classic tower-defense.” Players will have to choose between six different classes from their family roster and defend a castle from waves of increasingly difficult enemies, with success rewarding an Emblem that grants a combat and defense point buff to all characters within a family. The mobile edition is also seeing the return of the popular Fields of Valor mode this week, with the event taking place on a new battlefield.

As for PC players, today’s update lets players who have hit their goals in the game’s seasonal servers graduate their character early, transferring their seasonal character to a normal character and transforming their Tuvala gear into normal gear. There’s also a summer festival kicking off at Terrmian Beach, with activities like cleaning up the shore to keep wildlife safe, helping out a juice shop owner, investigating a ghost ship, and stopping spirits from bothering tourists. You know, summer things.

Finally, there’s a GamesIndustry piece written by composer and audio director Hwiman Ryu that goes into detail about how sound design can make a big impact on a game. Something that we have certainly shown appreciation for on a couple of occasions.

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