No, Lord of the Rings Online Classic isn’t going to happen, Standing Stone says


When any MMORPG has gone on long enough, a movement among fans to return to the earlier days of the game tends to emerge. Call it “legacy fever” or what have you, but the nostalgia for old systems and a more limited scope seems to appeal to some players. But for those calling for a Lord of the Rings Online Classic server (as opposed to the progression server type it has now), we’ve got some bad news: It’s not going to happen.

Not only does Standing Stone Games lack the resources and money to create a legacy server for the game, but the developers say it wouldn’t be the sparkling testament to old days that some imagine.

“As for the ‘give us an old version of LOTRO‘ thing, my answer is the same as always: Why unfix all those bugs?” posted Senior Game Designer Jeff Libby. “You think it was perfect back then, but I remember our bug queues at the time and I can assure you it was not. Thirteen years of bug-fixes just disappearing? Yikes!”

In other LOTRO news, VIP members are getting a bonus gift this August: a full cosmetic set of Armour of the Hornburg Defender. You just need to log in to grab it. (It’s a good one!)

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I just want world transfers off of closed servers. Livetime sub, and the only way I can use it is if I start over.


I would totally play it, more than the live version, and more than the legendary server for sure. But it is no wonder that it will never happen, this comment from Jeff Libby about bugs is so completely out of context and to put it frankly quite dumb, no wonder, it shows how disconnected they are with their fans. I mean I get the point that they lack resources, fair enough, but I am sure there would be a lot of LotRO players happily paying extra for the vanilla experience.

Bruno Brito

“You think it was perfect back then, but I remember our bug queues at the time and I can assure you it was not. Thirteen years of bug-fixes just disappearing? Yikes!”

Jesus Christ.

Look, i know the Classic launch was a shitshow and there are an ungodly ammout of mouthbreathers yelling #NoChAnGeS!

But i don’t think anyone who’s missing a older version of the game misses BUGS. When people ask for a classic version, they’re asking for an version of the game that gave them some sense of wonder. Yeah, quite abstract. A more limited in content, but that kept old content relevant.

Anyway. It was an awful answer but i don’t blame them for not wanting to open that can of worms.


LOTRO’s devs did a much better job evolving the game than Blizz did with WoW.

Where Blizzard turned the game upside down with every expansion since Cata just to abandon the main new features right when the following expansion came out, LOTRO always stayed true to its style both in terms of game play and world design. Of course we saw some controversial changes over the years, but they never fundamentally tore apart what LOTRO was/is all about.

Also, Blizzard gave up on the idea of building and growing one coherent virtual world long ago: every expansion’s zones are cut off from the rest of the world by load screens; in LOTRO it is pretty much the opposite as new content is closely linked to existing areas, NPCs, and stories.

For these reasons I think LOTRO simply does not need a classic version. If you want, you can go back to level a new character and it will be a similar experience as in the old days, except maybe for the much faster XP gain but that can be fixed.

2Ton Gamer

LOTRO has also been known to abandon new features so not so good an analogy and you cannot simply go back and rerun a new character for a “similar experience”. The legendary servers proved that it is clearly not the same with stats being one of the largest problems as they do not scale properly making any boss fights and even landscaping way easier than it was back then. The entire reason people have asked for a true classic LOTRO experience is because the Legendary servers did not give them that.


They’ve barely done any development work into the engine or fundamentals of the game for coming on 10 years now, so there’s no way they’d invest in recreating the original game. The game now is essentially just tack on more and more zones of recycled assets and new quests to an ageing, and increasing unstable platform.

The whole “undo all the bugs!” thing is complete bullshit though. Blizzard could have said the same about classic.


The only thing I miss is the old trait system, that did not need changing.


Perhaps they need a visit from Mark Kern wheeling in 3 billion “signed” petitions from “outraged fans”… /s


I think SSG have their hands quite full trying to manage their current commitments. I just wish they would invest even a little effort into their game’s engine and infrastructure. Trying to play LOTRO is such a pain. The game takes forever to download and install, and seems to constantly require large updates or reinstalling stuff I’ve already done. The engine doesn’t run well and is poorly optimized. I cannot scale the UI text scale to match my 27″ monitor. The list goes on and on.


A classic server would get me back to the game in an instant. I was really hoping that the progression servers would be “classic” but sadly not.

As to bug fixes, meh, there are always bugs, no matter what era. Old ones may have been fixed, but new ones were introduced. But, I remember “classic” being very playable and a hell of a lot more fun than the game later became.

Their choice ofcourse. Given that the game has changed hands a few times now, it doesn’t surprise me that they can’t go back to that time period.