TERA NA’s next PC update will bring a 64-bit client and a new 20-person raid


Whenever an MMO touts its client getting an upgrade in bits, I’m brought screaming backwards in time to my console war years when the bit size of a system was somehow an effective marketing strategy. In the case of the PC version of TERA, the upcoming update to a 64-bit client is less about marketing and more about the natural progression of PC technology and the requirement for game devs to keep pace. It also means the NA version of the game is also keeping up with the EU version.

Of course, there will be some other benefits to switching to a 64-bit client, such as less client lag and memory shortage-related crashes:

“The 64-bit client update will enhance the gameplay experience in every way while also allowing us as developers to better realize our vision of the perfect TERA experience. This has been a long time in the making, and we’ve worked very hard to bring it to you. We thank you for your patience and invite you to look forward to more diverse and robust content once the 64-bit client environment has been implemented.”

It should also be noted that the new 64-bit client update will also change the minimum and recommended specs of TERA, just in case you’re among those who are still playing on the finest of baked potato machines.

NA PC players will also get a new 20-player raid in the form of the Commander’s Residence, which promises to bring a new boss fight with new skills and surprises, as well as a five-player version of the Rift’s Edge dungeon and a revamped version of the Rampaging RK-9 Kennel dungeon.

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