The Stream Team: Into the Mists of Dungeons & Dragons Online’s Ravenloft

With the free access to DDO’s Ravenloft quests going away at the end of August, Massively OP’s MJ is aiming to get some of those quest lines in. And her first foray will be Into the Mists, a quest involving getting lost in a dark and forbidding forest. Nothing to worry about, right? Tune in live at 8:00 p.m. for this walk into darkness.

What: Dungeons & Dragons Online
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 8:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

The show is over now, but we’ve embedded it here just for you. Don’t forget to check out our past streams and videos collection, and stay tuned for our next show!
March 4, 2021
8:00pm EST: Dungeons & Dragons Online - MJ
March 5, 2021
2:00pm EST: AQ3D - MJ
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Robert Mann

You… can put in the code to claim the free quest packs permanently, you know. Through the end of August. Yep.


The DDOFREEQUESTS code gives permanent access to an absolute ton of quests, but not to any of the quests from the expansions.

There’s currently a special offer available to buy access to all the quests from the first 2 expansions (“Shadowfell Conspiracy” and “Menace of the Underdark”) for 99 DDO points each. But anyone wanting access to quests from the last 2 expansions (“Mists of Ravenloft” and “Masterminds of Sharn”) after Aug 31st will have to either buy those expansions or pay full price for quest access (2,495 DDO points each according to the wiki).

Which is why we’re taking the chance to get a few Ravenloft quests in now, even though they’re a bit above our level.

David Goodman

I enjoyed a lot of the quests the first couple times I played through it, but after a while – when i wasn’t ooh’ing and aww’ing at the new setting, visuals, and theme, It just became…comically depressing, which is OK for a bit but doesn’t really pull me through more than a few playthroughs. 3/4ths of the quests just make me wish I could just burn it all down and salt the earth now.

now, overpowered level 10 equipment and set items in every slot, THAT pulled me through dozens of playthroughs of quests that I have grown to H A T E with a passion, but on the plus side, when I hit level 10 I’m suddenly soloing elite quests three levels above me. So there’s that.

I think, if I hadn’t overplayed them and just ran it once or twice for the story then I wouldn’t have burnt out so much on it.

Sharn is cheesy and trope-y as crap but I feel it holds up a bit better for me. (unless I never get that !#@$ing crossbow from Same Old Song…) I also love the NOIR style quests more than gothic horror stuff.


DDO’s “Mists of Ravenloft” expansion is based on the all-time classic D&D module “Ravenloft”, first released in 1983 then revised and re-released for later editions of the game as “House of Strahd” in 1993, “Expedition to Castle Ravenloft” in 2006, and “Curse of Strahd” in 2016, as well as getting a board game version in 2010!

The DDO expansion has 12 quests of level 10-12 (also playable at levels 31-32 along with a couple of level 32 raids), the atmosphere and plot arc are great (though the arc ending does feel a little anticlimactic if you’re not doing the Epic Raid version) and IMO the Heroic versions (I’ve not played the Epic ones) include some of the longest and toughest quests of their level and can be rather challenging. I enjoyed playing through it, but think the wilderness area would work better if it was just a little bit more dense and compact.


Though I do cringe at the way the Vistani embody so many racist “g***y” stereotypes of the Roma people, one of the most persecuted minorities in Europe.


The quests are pretty hard, the wilderness way too big for its own good and yeah, the Vistani did not age well, but I very much enjoyed my playthrough a month or so ago.
While the content is very challenging you also get some pretty powerful loot as rewards


Ravenloft was their best attempt at going outside the typical fantasy box. It will forever be one of my favorite settings and DDO did aight with it.