War breaks out in WoW Classic as Horde players retaliate for Alliance Ahn’Qiraj Scarab Lord griefing


It would seem that the factional drama over getting the Scarab Lord title in WoW Classic was simply the flashpoint for a major bonfire on the Sulfuras server, as the re-opening of the gates of Ahn’Qiraj touched off a massive battle between Horde and Alliance guilds, with members of the slighted Horde guild reportedly seeking vengeance.

For those who missed out on the previous story, a quest step in the hunt for Scarab Lord saw a number of Alliance players from the Grizzly from Reddit guild attempt to mass report one member of a Horde guild in order to ban them and thus halt them from getting the title. Once the gong was struck to open Ahn’Qiraj and the Ten Hour War began, Horde players worked together to effectively choke off entry into the area, resulting in an absolute melee that involved an estimated over 1,000 players and roughly over 20 different guilds in total. The resulting squabble saw the Sulfuras server experience high bouts of lag.

In the end, the Horde players were able to halt any Alliance players from getting to the next quest step in the Scarab Lord chain. It also resulted in a number of other guilds wholly removed from the overarching conflict from doing anything related to the Scarab Lord quest. This also could mean that the drama over this whole matter is not quite over, assuming Grizzly is keen to retaliate itself.

source: Wowhead
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