Fallout 76 addresses the CAMP system uproar, says it’s working on a solution

I send-a the calzone into space! I don't pay-a the taxes! Oh!

Yesterday, we covered the “colossal problem” patch in Fallout 76 that caused the entire subreddit to melt down in fury over changes and bugs that essentially made creative construction in the game impossible. The good news is that Bethsoft says it’s heard the community’s reaction and is working on a solution.

“[T]hese fixes addressed issues that, while seemingly harmless on the surface, could and were being used by some individuals to take advantage of unintended exploits,” the studio explained. “Something we overlooked is how this would impact certain quirks in the C.A.M.P. building system. This is unfortunate, and it was not our intention to limit or remove parts of the C.A.M.P. system, but those issues needed to be fixed.”

The team says it can’t just revert the changes, lest it open back up the exploits again, but it is “actively looking into [its] available options to bring some of these building methods back to 76 in a more intended and secure way” – in other words, double sided walls could eventually be patched in more legitimately.

Meanwhile, the latest Inside the Vault teases QuakeCon, performance improvements for the latest patch, and the new community challenge.


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Collin No

Sucks but this is why I only play by myself whenever possible. Or with people that I know in real life. Humanity is just a rabid dog without a leash or owner, and gaming companies are too worried about losing insignificant amounts of money to adequately punish any offenders.

Honestly I can’t believe I just paid almost $70 for this game.
It doesn’t even feel like Fallout.


I may just be too cynical lately, but this sounds like a stall in hopes people eventually drop it and forget.

Which works a depressingly significant amount of the time.


Nah, it’ll get fixed… in two month’s time and they’ll at the same time break about as many things as they fixed.
Fallout 76 is one of my favorite games, but their lack of speed and skill with bugfixes can’t be understated.