Fractured is handing out alpha keys via in-testing games distribution platform G.Round


I’ve learned something new when putting this story together: There’s apparently a Steam for in-testing and in-development games with a focus on gathering player feedback to give to devs. This platform is where Fractured now finds itself as it seeks to fill up its current alpha build with more players.

The platform in question is called G.Round, which describes itself as a sort of storefront for alpha and beta testing builds that also asks players to submit their feedback via surveys and reviews.

“Our mission is to scout the globe to find talented game studios and outstanding games. We want to help developers find their audience, and for gamers to find great games and get a foot inside the industry. We are looking for gamers who are passionate about giving feedback and to become a part of the game development process. We want to find them and invite them to our events held around the world to select which games to feature on G.Round.”

It’s in that spirit of both collecting feedback and getting more people to take notice of Fractured that the game’s current alpha is available for those who sign up for G.Round. Not only will this feedback be sent to the folks at Dynamight Studios, but it could also potentially see the sandbox MMO net some investment funds from Global Top Round, the game startup investment firm that owns G.Round.

In case you’re curious about what Fractured is all about, there’s a new trailer that features gameplay from the current alpha build to watch after the break.


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Rodrigo Dias Costa

Sadly, since the beginning of this current test phase I’m unable to even log in on the game. Even reached out them about the bug but no answer even after more than two weeks since first reported. I was interested on the game until now, but considering the current customer support, arguably on a phase that there are less players than you would have at launch, I’m not willing to put any money on it anymore.

Lucky Jinx

Did this game secure any investor funding because the 422k they’ve raised will not complete any MMO.

That said, I love the concept of this game. It blasts me with a neat package of nostalgia paired with nice graphics. Makes me think of a modern version of Ashen Empires, and I really, really like that.