Infantry Online rogue server asks for Daybreak’s help


Usually rogue servers and game emulators like to stay on the down low as to not draw any unwanted attention from the legal owners — and their lawyers — of those titles. But in the case of 2-D MMO shooter Infantry Online, the community operators have drafted a letter to ask for the help of the company that once owned it.

Free Infantry, which has been running its own version of Infantry Online following the original’s 2012 shutdown, posted an open letter to Daybreak Game Company asking for help to keep the game alive. The team pointed to Daybreak’s tacit agreement with the EverQuest Project 1999 rogue server as an example of the type of relationship that it would like to establish, and further asked for Daybreak’s assistance with development tools and to get the title fully listed on Steam.

“The game client that Free Infantry uses is still the original Infantry Online client,” the team said. “It uses DirectDraw which has more compatibility issues with each new Windows version since the client was released. Some of the tools used also require the zone developers to run them in compatibility mode which may not always work. We are unsure of how much longer the game client will remain usable, and would like to maintain and update it.”

Source: Free Infantry. Thanks Matthew!

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Adam Russell

Much as Daybreak may like to help, I think they have their hands full just managing their own live games.


I wonder exactly what properties that Daybreak even has the rights to distribute. I also wonder what sort of code assets that Daybreak even has available, even if they do have the rights to distribute.

That being said, I think Daybreak would do themselves a world of good if they sanctioned any and all use of ‘dead game’ servers; at least shed themselves of any interest in them. Bonus points if they made the Client code available to the operators!

Not having a legit client is what stops me from dipping into P99, for instance.


We need a new name for these, rogue server sounds too shady, and some of these guys are just trying to preserve games some people still want to play.


They were just called private servers up until I think the City of Heroes server came around and MOP started using the term ‘rogue server’.

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This seem like a great opportunity for Daybreak to gather a bit of community good will by helping these folks out.

So I imagine Daybreak will find a way to screw it up and make things worse for them /sigh