Star Citizen brings new flight models, new weapons, and a plushie penguin in alpha 3.10


Alpha 3.10 is now live in Star Citizen, bringing with it a whole lot of important changes. Chief among them is the new flight model, which brings atmospheric effects, limited thruster jerk (aka the measure of how quickly a ship’s acceleration changes, meaning heavy ships now feel heavier as thrusters don’t immediately respond), and individual ship aerodynamic characteristics to the game — expect ships with wings to be able to stall, perform level turns, and other forms of aerobatics, for example.

The update also introduces new targeting systems including target sharing among crew mates, improvements to turret usability, the ability to drag bodies around, the player trading app, new variants of the mobiGlas, ship paint schemes that can be purchased with in-game credits, a rework of restricted areas around spaceports, three new weapons including two that use the new electron damage type, and a number of AI improvements including better use of cover, a wider variety of weapons to use, and bartenders.

Most important of all, however, is the addition of Pico, a plush penguin buddy that can be purchased in New Babbage. Players have fallen so hard in love with Pico that CIG is hosting a screenshot contest where players show off Pico having adventures. As he should be doing; he’s dressed for no less than great adventures.

Finally, an update email for progress on Squadron 42 has been posted to Reddit. The email contents are precisely the same as those that are sent out as newsletters to fans who have signed up, but at least here it’s in a single place just in case fans ignored, deleted, or never received it.

sources: official site, official forums, Reddit, cheers SC Shill!

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