World of Warcraft wipes Shadowlands beta, adds a memorial to popular YouTuber


Even as you slumber, the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands beta continues to toil away in its preparation for the great day of reckoning that will soon come to all. All subscribers, that is. The beta was wiped yesterday to bring it up to the latest build, which seems to have broken a few things such as access to certain classes and allied races.

Some items of note in the beta is that Blizzard is retiring most experience potions, wands can be transmog’d into other weapon types, and the Great Vault weekly chest had its requirements adjusted to be easier for Mythic+ and harder for PvP.

Part of this week’s beta test was a look at the full scope of Rogue legendary powers, so if you’re a stealthy, stabby sort, you might want to take a look. And this class in particular will be visiting a new in-game memorial to a fallen streamer, as Blizzard added a Rogue trainer NPC named Reckful to commemorate the late gamer and MMO developer.


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Oleg Chebeneev

Well, Reckful wasnt just a popular youtuber. He was the highest ranked arena player of all time and a PvP legend in WoW


Also was a big name among the Twitch scene. Pretty sure there’s a Hearthstone-themed toy in WoW that includes a blurb about Reckful autographing a card as well because he was a big Hearthstone person for awhile as well.


I approve of the Reckful NPC. Watching his streams ALMOST made me want to play a rogue.


Does anyone else NOT want to be in the beta? Or is that just me? I’m not upset about spoilers or anything, I watch videos and streams, and read gaming sites. I’m fine with seeing what’s coming.

But I don’t want to feel tired of playing the new expansion on the day it releases. I much prefer to start fresh on launch day. Is that just me?

Aaron Weddle

it would be nice to even be invited to the beta. i didn’t even get in. and i preordered


Avoiding as much as i can is hard enough as it is, beta? gawd no way.

Exactly, why burn out before even playing officially? Then again different strokes right, elitist, mdi, raid, peeps they play an entirely different game, i’m environment, explore, atmosphere, quests, at heart, who on occasion has been know to go high end, but always return to my real passion for playing.


I think it’s a nice opportunity to check out the other faction. Beyond that I find it difficult to be really motivated to play a beta. All your effort gets wiped and there is no need to play it yourself to get all the information out of it.

Of course this isn’t really a common concern since most people won’t get an invite anyway. I have been signed to all of the WoW betas and only got in once for BfA, and then only played it enough to see what Alliance looked like.


Selfishly I’d like the beta to mess around with the new customization options and class changes, just to nail down my pick for when it launches.

Dug From The Earth

I never beta wow expansions.

They only hold my interest for about 3 months, as is, why would I want to shorten that more by experiencing things BEFORE they were release quality?

Toy Clown

I have personal issues with repetition and can’t even watch a movie I’ve watched before, no matter how much I loved it or how long ago it was. Same with books! This is the main reason I don’t indulge often in alts (if there aren’t different ways to level them) or apply to betas and alphas. If I play through the new expansion in beta I won’t want to play it come release.