Star Citizen espouses the virtues of PTU testing, takes a look at cargo deck progress, new weapons, and fires

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The weekly video from Star Citizen is online with another bundle of new details for fans to digest. At least, the second half of the video does; the first part is mostly talking about how PTU feedback helps development of the game overall and alpha 3.10 in specific. Which is nice to hear, but also not exactly revelatory for those wanting progress reports.

Where progress is detailed is in the second half of the video, which features a sizeable sprint report. We get another look at nearly-finished cargo decks which are on track for alpha 3.11; a peek at a new sniper rifle and light machine gun for the PU as well as a nasty-looking spear weapon for Squadron 42; some visual wear and tear work for a couple of the PU’s existing weapons; a look at day and night lighting differences in Area 18; and some looks at work on the Origin 100i, Hercules Starlifter, and the Mercury Star Runner.

The sprint report also offers an update on ongoing fire propagation technology, which now sees fires spread from items to ship locations and items to items. Next up will be working on containing these fires, whether through extinguishers and loss of atmosphere. Finally, there’s a look at some new organic material painting efforts using new tools to cover planets in things like grass; grass right now is simply being tested for visual fidelity, with further plans to have it react to things like players, ships, and wind in later updates.

source: YouTube

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Calling your server “persistent universe” and then wipe it at every major patch… When you don’t pay that much attention to the game it becomes somewhat difficult to figure out

Tee Parsley

Oh yeah, it’s Friday….