Star Trek Online gives out free Lower Decks duty officers, starts summer event


This week, Star Trek’s newest TV series debuted. But instead of it being a serious, live-action show, Star Trek: Lower Decks is an animated comedy that looks at the antics of second-shift crew on a second-tier starship.

It’s also an opportunity for Star Trek Online, which has to be giddy with all the potential crossovers these days. Cryptic sent word that it’s giving away four free special duty officers from Lower Decks to anyone who logs into the game.

In addition to that promotion, the game’s Risa summer event is going on now through September 3rd. Players can have some fun in the sun while earning some nifty rewards. Goodies that can be got from the event include a Risan weather control vessel, baseball outfits, a rainbow tribble, and a t-shirt for the band “Sex Phasers.”

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