MMOs you’ve never heard of: Helbreath, Luna M, Tower of Fantasy, and Sea of Dawn


Think you’ve played every MMO that’s out there? There are more games, Horatio, than your mind could even conceive. And that’s why we have this sporadic column to highlight news and videos from the lesser-known online games.

We’ll kick it off today with Helbreath Olympia, which bills itself as “an old-school medieval fantasy MMORPG with large scale open PvP and relaxing PvM. Features include regular events, character build variety, enchanting, and crafting.” Looks like you’re in for some Diablo-esque isometric combat with this one. The dev team boasted back in spring that more than 400 players were online each weekend.

Here’s some gameplay if you’re interested:

And speaking of gameplay videos, the team at MMO Culture played 90 minutes of Luna M to give you an idea if the game is good or not. Unfortunately, the verdict is that this title is “a pale shadow of what a MMORPG should be, even for mobile devices.”

If the header graphic up there caught your attention, you might want to keep an eye out for a new title from Changyou (yes, Changyou is still alive) called Sea of Dawn. There’s no website for this one yet, but it sounds like this will be a pirate-themed MMO.

Changyou said that it’s still developing and running limited tests for this naval MMO. It is set in the 16th century and features 200 harbor cities “with evolutionary graphics.” The game is being positioned as a spiritual successor to the Uncharted Water games.

And since we can’t quite get away from mobile MMOs in today’s column, we’ll have to finish up with Tower of Fantasy. This mobile MMO was recently announced to be in development and will be published by Perfect World in China. The game has an attractive cel-shaded anime look and offers mix-and-match collectable class builds.

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