TERA Battle Arena walks you through how this MOBA works

TERA Battle Arena walks you through how this MOBA works

Yeah, so, we are still trying to wrap our heads around the weirdness that is TERA’s surprising announcement last month that it is going to add a MOBA to the client in the next content update. But how will these games actually function? Fortunately, a new post from En Masse serves to illuminate the process of game matches.

The studio said that there will be a story mode with Battle Arena that will serve to introduce the preset champions who will be fighting for your glory and entertainment.

Matches will take place in what looks like a single map over the course of 30 minutes. Each player selects a hero and jumps into one of four three-player teams to gather up as many coins as possible during the match. There will, of course, be a lot of fighting monsters and players, and if a player is downed, Sonic the Hedgehog rules require that a chunk of their coins pop out of their corpse and be added to the victor’s team total.

There are some other variables to keep players on their toes during the battles, including a coin train, jump pads, and the occasional boss fight.

Source: TERA

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