Unpredictable aliens are invading Ship of Heroes next weekend


City of Heroes veterans no doubt fondly (or not-so-fondly) recall the numerous Rikti invasions that happened in Paragon City over the years. Ship of Heroes’ developers must hold the same fondness for antagonistic aliens because they are hosting their own invasion event next weekend on August 15th with a few dozen beta testers.

Seeing as how Ship of Heroes is, well, on a spaceship, it makes more sense for aliens to show up and try to ruin the party. The aliens in question are the Nagellians, and Heroic Games promises that players who encounter the Nags won’t be sure what these wacky extraterrestrials will do next.

“At Ship of Heroes, one of the ways we’re making combat more interesting is by making the enemies interesting,” Heroic Games said. “Each individual Nagdellian may only have a couple of standard attacks, but not every Nagdellian — even foot soldiers that look identical — will necessarily have the same attacks. Each of them has access to a pool of attack powers, which they will try to use in varied and unexpected attack chains.”


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Bryan Correll

Those Rikti look malnourished.