Mabinogi’s P.E.T. Part 2 update lets players bring pets in to dungeons on August 13


Now that players of Mabinogi have helped their pets attain new levels of power, MMO logic dictates that power gets unleashed on some dungeon critters. That’s just what the P.E.T. Part 2 update will let players do among other things.

The update introduces the Forest of Four Seasons and Dynamic Lands dungeons that players and their pets can plumb for various rewards depending on the difficulty level of the dungeon. Goodies like cosmetic items, Faded Fynn Beads, perfumes, and gems await those who successfully take on these new instances. Those Faded Fynn Beads are important, as they’re part of a new system that lets players awaken the beads to equip new powers for pets.

These new systems and more will arrive to Mabinogi on Thursday, August 13th. Some helpful guides are available to help players get acclimated to what’s coming next in the meantime.

source: press release
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