Superhero MMO Valiance Online’s beta is opening up for PlayNYC this week


City of Heroes-inspired superhero MMORPG Valiance Online surprised everyone when it announced a few weeks back that it’d be opening up its beta for a week in conjunction with the PlayNYC con in August. But now that time has arrived, as the con is expected to begin its online opening ceremonies this evening, and would-be testers are already champing at the bit to get in, including our own writers.

“Hello all the eager people!” Silverhelm Studios tweeted earlier this afternoon. “We’ve got a mild update about the beta going live! Please make sure you’re a part of our Discord for instant updates or watch for announcements here!” The game’s official forums further notes that backers should be receiving their in-game rewards today too.

“Hey there everyone! We know you’re excited for the beta to start rolling out and so are we! We’re working on a few last minute adjustments. […] Today’s focus will be on on the networks stability with the players joining in. Want to make sure players can get in (and stay in) while running around and getting a look at the scenery. More content will be rolled out while the week progresses and will announce when the beta is live on social media, discord, and here in the topic Here. We apologize for the delay and eagerly await your arrival in San Cielo!”


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Adam Russell

After character creation I was met with blue sky, sun, and slowly drifting clouds – and that was all. Had to restart to actually enter world. Ok just a glitch. Its beta. Then it was less world than what you see in the prebeta vid above. No npcs, no quests, no abilities, just run around. Even the rocks and cars were insubstantial so you just run through them instead of climbing over them. IDK maybe the entire world forgot to load except for city graphics?

Call it pre-pre-alpha.

Rodrigo Dias Costa

At least you reached the city. I wasn’t able to preview my character being made, and after skipping through the creation I was a white box, falling through the sky.

At least it seems they’re already aware of the character creation bug, I just hope that this open alpha period doesn’t cost them some customers.

Hikari Kenzaki

First thing to go, those walking sound effects. Yeah, they sound cool in a demo, but about 2 minutes in they’ll drive me nuts.

But at least they might have a game client, putting them ahead of another game.