After a brief delay yesterday, Valiance Online has kicked off its one-week open beta


Do you want a taste of the next generation of superhero MMORPGs? From now through August 16th, anyone who would like to see what the Valiance Online team has been cooking up over the last few years can hop into this superhero title and explore this brightly colored new world.

Installation simply requires a 1.7 GB download over Google Drive. This install should be completely fresh, in the case that you have a previous version of the game on your computer. The Valiance team said that there’s no NDA on the test, so feel free to share your impressions. Expect to see some up on Massively OP later this week.

“‪There will be more updates through the night and this week,” the team promised. “Known bugs include weird purple blobs for a couple power effects, some combat messages at the mouse pointer, and legs moving weirdly occasionally.”

It’s OK, Valiance. Our legs move weirdly on occasion as well.

Source: Facebook, Twitter
The team has released some more footage:

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