Dynamight Studios’ CEO discusses Fractured’s gameplay mechanics and features in an interview

We hunted ourselves.

This past Wednesday, the CEO of Dynamight Studios Jacopo Gallelli joined streamer and YouTuber Morrolan for an interview about practically all things Fractured, answering questions about the game’s mechanics, systems, and development timetable among other things.

One of the first questions was regarding solo players and whether living like an in-game hermit is possible. Gallelli did indeed confirm that many are doing just that, but he also explained that joining a town would make things easier for players overall, especially since all of the advanced crafting and high-level enchanting happens in player towns.

On the subject of player towns and cities, Gallelli explained how cities rank up via a talent tree and meeting required citizen numbers. He also discussed the potential for player zergs and monopolies: The hope is that city maintenance costs will make it difficult enough for those with alt accounts to own multiple locations at once, and while there will be an alliance system that lets guilds form up and control a specific resource, other guilds can siege a city if they have enough players, the mechanics of which are also discussed in the interview.

As for crafting, Fractured will once more push players towards cities, as they can have access to one or two materials in total (which in turn will push cities towards trading with one another for other materials) as well as the required crafting stations. Certain specific craftables will also require a lot of items to create, generating new trading, raiding, and PvP efforts that players will have to pull together for. Incidentally, certain high-tier crafting stations will be available only if a city’s tech tree points are put towards certain branches.

The interview also discusses PvP, primarily on the human planet which readers will recall has open PvP but also a justice system. Gallelli says that being flagged as a thief or an assassin will carry a lot of penalties; Dynamight is just not sure how many yet. He does state that they will be “pretty heavy,” however, in order to discourage griefing as much as possible. He also discusses a flagging system where players can list themselves as Good, Neutral, or Evil, which can be done only when players are at certain karma levels.

These are just some of the many topics discussed in the interview, which we’ve embedded below, so it’s worth the time for fans of the game to watch it in full if they’re curious, or they can check the timestamp links to leap to a certain section they want to know more about.

source: YouTube via Reddit

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