Guild Wars 2’s Festival of the Four Winds is live, along with WvW quality-of-life enhancements

All of the lights.
Guild Wars 2 is having a pretty packed summer, with the recent arrival of Jormag Rising and a special update for underwater skimmers coming in just two weeks. But if you need something new to keep you busy until then, you’ll want to dip in to the Festival of the Four Winds, which is live in the game once again. Or as Reddit calls it, Festival of the Four Farms.

“On behalf of Queen Jennah of Kryta and the Captain’s Council of Lion’s Arch, you are cordially invited to participate in the return of the Festival of the Four Winds! High atop the Labyrinthine Cliffs, our Zephyrite friends have been working in tandem with Lion’s Arch to host an incredible variety of fun vendors and events to entertain visitors from all across Tyria. This celebration of unity and peace between our cultures is more important than ever before, and we hope that you will join us in the festivities. In this spirit of cooperation, Queen Jennah has personally overseen the reopening of the Crown Pavilion, featuring a variety of challenges for Tyria’s finest to test their mettle! Transportation to the festivities couldn’t be easier! Special hot air balloons are now stationed in each nation’s capital city. Visitors can also sail directly from the ship in Lion’s Arch.”

There are a few goodies buried in the patch notes too, including some perks for WvW. “A new title, God of WvW, has been added,” ArenaNet says. “To earn this title, players must attain rank 10,000 in WvW and then purchase a title scroll from the Legendary Vendor located in WvW maps.” Gear won’t take damage in WvW anymore either, and WvW ascended gear is much easier to get, requiring only 500 rank (instead of as much as 2000).

Finally, ArenaNet is teasing some additional content slipping into the game.

“Bangar Ruinbringer is held in captivity and disgrace at the Eye of the North. You might be able to coax more information out of him, but it’ll take caution—and patience. In the coming weeks, check in with the prisoner periodically to see if he has anything to say for himself. You’ll unlock a new set of achievement objectives and have an opportunity to gather some valuable intel.”


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