Path of Exile plans another bug-fixing patch in the next couple of weeks


Just because Path of Exile has started the process of working on its next League doesn’t mean the bug fixes for the current game version stop, no siree bob. Consider patch 3.11.1F, which had some of its patch notes previewed yesterday.

As the headline alluded to, most of this patch is focused on bug fixing, addressing things like accessing the Sacred Grove in non-Harvest Leagues, a rare bug that could prevent Conquerors from spawning on players’ Atlas, and black boxes sometimes rendering on top of objects. The update will also automagically push any chat messages that begin with “WTS” to a trade chat channel, though words that include those three letters (like newts) shouldn’t trigger the channel shift.

These adjustments and more should arrive to PC players in “the next couple of weeks,” while console players will get the patch as soon as possible after the PC deployment. The post is just a sampling of the overall patch, with the asterisk that the notes may not be final. It’s not exactly headline news in terms of updates, but bug fixes are bug fixes.


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