Wild Terra 2 details development progress on Central City, new locations, agriculture, and bags


What’s going on with Juvty Worlds’ Wild Terra 2? Quite a bit according to information we’ve gotten from the devs, as progress is being made on several fronts for the sandbox MMORPG.

The devs have been hard at work making bags, which sounds a bit weird on the face of it until you consider that larger bags actually incur a small penalty to movement speed. Bags are otherwise pretty unremarkable except for one exotic bag that has a lamp hanging from it. Ooooo. Bags are equipped on a character’s back and only one bag can be equipped at a time, and they should be in the next update.

Work is also being done to the Central City location, with merchants and artisans that offer various quests, sell special items, and sell recipes and some consumables. Later updates plan to include a bank with a warehouse, the ability to purchase a home for furnishing, and fast travel features. An update for Central City was planned for this summer, but the work needed to get NPC features will see the update pushed into autumn.

A new snowy location is being worked on, with new monsters, new quests, a new type of metal, new equipment, and some fresh bosses to encounter. Also, there will be snowy mountains, of course.

Finally, the devs are working on agriculture, letting players grow crops, breed plants, use a variety of related implements like tools and fertilizers, and deal with challenges like pests, diseases, weeds, weather, the shifting seasons, and soil depletion. Initially, only basic features will be available at some point this month, while later features will be introduced into the game gradually.

For those who perhaps saw this one fall off of their radar, Wild Terra 2 is the crowdfunded sequel to Wild Terra (duh) that came about because the devs hit the ceiling with the original game’s tech. The game has held a number of different tests up to this point, and shared a development roadmap that leads into an early access release this year.

source: press release

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I stopped clicking on links a long time ago because of that.


Still mad with terra. Bought the game, played single player, and loved it. next time I go to fire it up no more single-player. Mad, next time I go to fire it up I’m hit with a Wild Terra 2 Advertisement.

TBH WT2 looks fun but I’m not sure I’ll be throwing in this time around.

Jeremy Barnes

Ahh, once again, here we are with the always impressive…”I managed to link to back to massively 2827346x times in an article, but failed to provide one single link to the actual game”. Congratulations…Chris Neal. C’mon down! Bob, tell him what’s won!


The overall editing on this site is atrocious. I mean I love them but bless their hearts.