Magic: Legends unveils the mechanics and design of the Necromancer class


What is a necromancer to you, aside from “a healer who shows up very late to the party”? If you’re familiar with Magic: the Gathering, you probably associate necromancers with black mana, and Magic: Legends is leaning in on that with the newly unveiled Necromancer class and all of its malicious intent. And just like you’d expect given that association, the class is all about walking a fine line of sacrificing everything for power and not quite dying in the process.

Necromancers have a basic toolkit allowing them to siphon health, apply damage over time, and summon skeletal minions. Other abilities include spending life to draw cards, sacrificing summoned creatures for effects, and spending more life to summon something powerful. In other words, it’s all familiar gameplay to anyone who’s ever slapped down a black deck and reminded an opponent that spending life to draw cards works out really well if your opponent loses more life to the cards you draw.


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While I’ve heard things that do make me a bit concerned, I’m still really looking forward to trying this. The Sanctifier class they last announced looks right up my alley. Wish they’d throw me an alpha key.