SMITE introduces the Japanese moon god Tsukuyomi in the latest update


Yesterday has seen the moon shine over SMITE as the Japanese moon god Tsukuyomi has officially landed to the game. This new character is described as having a “bold, sharp Assassin playstyle” with a pair of bladed tonfas, Shingetsu and Mangetsu, that both get individual buffs with every attack and are used in a variety of other skills like flinging a moon shuriken or laying down caltrops. The two blades can even be fused together into a single weapon attack that disarms and stuns opponents that it hits.

In addition to the new roster member, SMITE will also be continuing the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra battle pass content through this update, touting unanimous player praise and historic sales as reasons for keeping the skins available. Speaking of skins, the update has also added a variety of new skins for other gods and goddesses in the roster, as well as some adjustments to Project Olympus and a variety of bug fixes.

All of the details are in the patch notes, while there’s also a dev blog about creating Tsukuyomi for those interested in the process.

source: press release

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