Torchlight III just got its last big update before its official launch

Torchlight III testers got absolutely wiped this week – literally. PWE and Echtra Games dropped part one of what it’s dubbed the “mainline” patch yesterday, with a complete character and account wipe, more skill slots, new dungeon areas, fort deco, and controller support. The highlight feature, however, is the relic system becoming a “full-blown subclass,” something players have been asking for throughout the test process.

“Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games are excited to announce the Relic Subclass update, the highly-anticipated update that brings a revamp of the Relics system, is available now for Torchlight III in Steam Early Access. The Relic Subclass update is the final major Early Access update prior to the light-hearted dungeon crawler’s official launch later this year on PC and consoles. With this update, it adds another dimension to character building by introducing a completely new and improved Relics system that includes a vast Relic skill tree, along with five powerful Relics, each with reworked Relic Activation skills. In addition, one of the Torchlight III Early Access community’s major requests, having additional skill slots, is included in this latest update as players now have nine total skill slots, all with controller support.”

Downgraded from full MMORPG status earlier in 2020, TL3 surprise-launched into early access back in June; behind its Steam paywall, it saw a peak player count of under 1000 in the last month, according to Steam Charts. This week’s update is expected to be its last major update before launch later in 2020.

Source: Press release, Steam

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So far I’ve seen nothing that makes me regret my day 1 refund request. I had high hopes for this one, but but oh well.


So far it seems the sentiment on this patch is that while the new system of having relics be a third skill tree you can choose is a great idea, it’s completely ruined by the baffling decision to tie each relic to a specific weapon type.

There also aren’t even enough relics to cover every weapon type, so if you play a dusk mage and like using the digitus , for example, there is literally no relic for you and you better start liking staves and poison attacks. It removes most of the element of choice the devs seem to be trying to go for with the rest of the system.

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Not only that, there’s almost no support for synergy between regular and relic skills. Most of the relic passives rely on having status effects on the mob to be able to trigger, but both the poison and the electrical relic don’t provide a passive chance for status effects, you’re forced to only use weapons with that added damage type AND a chance for that status effect, severely limiting your choice of weapon.
Everything in this game seems haphazardly thrown together with no master plan, ideas added because they sound cool, not because it will improve the game.
One of the negative affixes you can roll in the endgame is that the camera will zoom further in??? so instead of making the game harder, they make it more annoying instead


As an MMO, T3 held some interest for me.

As the 3rd iteration of the same game, not at all.

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Meh, not worth. Still mildly disappointed, but whatevs.