Chronicles of Spellborn’s rogue server makes a sizeable balance pass and adjustment update


It looks like the stewards of the rogue server for Chronicles of Spellborn have been extremely busy. In a now-deleted but digitally recovered post on the MMORPG subreddit, the devs share the patch notes for an update that makes a whole slew of changes.

Among these updates are general bug fixes to quests, some improvements to the Rawhead Landing area and to wanted bosses, a few fixes to the Demon Army Camp feature, and a variety of updates and adjustments to several items. The majority of the patch notes feature several class balance updates as well, with pretty much every class in the game effectively adjusted in some way or another. It’s certainly worth a full read for those playing on this game’s rogue server.

As a refresher, Chronicles of Spellborn first released in the latter part of 2000 before the game was shut down and the company that owns it went under. It resurfaced after about a decade’s worth of fan effort as Spellborn Reborn and joins the seemingly growing list of emulated, preserved, and rogue server MMOs that are being kept alive by dedicated fan teams.


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I played this game at release, I can’t recall why I stopped playing it – my best guess is that I got drawn into another MMORPG at the time. I recall liking the lore, style and look of the game.


A bit late but I approved the post on r/MMORPG. We didn’t delete it intentionally rather our bot looked at it and said “Ah yeah this is so obviously spam we don’t need a human to look at it” so the removal went unchallenged. We also didn’t receive a complaint about it either.

Reading the post I do understand why the bot made the choice but I’ll need to tune it or at least make clear that it was automated and they can challenge it manually.

If I may ask, because this is going to consume my brain today otherwise. How did you find that post?

Going off by how the bot works this should have gone straight into the deleted pile without really having seen the light of day.