Red Dead Online opens up two new legendary coyotes for players to hunt


Inside of you there are two wolves. Inside of Red Dead Online there are two legendary coyotes. What you should do is get the two wolves inside of you to fight the two legendary coyotes because that would be kind of awesome, but what you can actually do is work to track down the Red Streak and Midnight Paw coyotes and then make them into a rather macabre looking hat. There is no mechanic in Red Dead Online for manifesting metaphorical internal spiritual conflicts within the game space; we’ve checked.

Of course, the hat isn’t your only reward for taking on those two coyotes. Harriet is quite interested in both of them as a naturalist, after all. There are also improved rewards for bounty hunters and traders, as well as a free horse for anyone who has helped Harriet hunt down all of the legendary animals to be found out in the wild. So that’s all motivation to get out there and find yourself some coyotes.


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