The $420K ArcheAge class action lawsuit settlement is finally paying out

Don't spend it all in one place.


I’m quite sure our readers will remember the class action lawsuit a group of gamers lodged against Trion Worlds way back in 2015 – that one was the one where they accused the ArcheAge publisher of violating consumer laws, falsely advertising a 10% founder perk discount for its cash shop, and breaking California’s illegal-lottery law. As we’ve covered at legnth, the lawsuit dragged on for years as Trion angled for arbitration and then imploded in 2018, only to be acquired by Gamigo. Following the tentative agreement in 2019, we learned that the suit had been settled and that players were due for a slice of the $420,000 settlement, at least if you qualified and applied before March. (You can read the long version of this sordid tale in our Lawful Neutral column.)

Anyhow, we’re back on this topic again because shockingly the payouts have actually started arriving. We got the heads-up from MMO Fallout’s Connor, who posted a pic of his massive check. Just kidding: It’s five bucks. Redditors have a thread going chronicling what they’re receiving too, as it seems to be adjusted depending on the credits involved; there are a few people in the thread claiming they received several hundred dollars, while $5 looks to be the bottom rung of payouts.

And hey, even Aaron Van Fleet, one of the original class action plaintiffs, popped into the thread to gloat a wee bit.

This might just be our last piece on this topic, and after five years, I’m actually gonna miss covering it.

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