Warhammer Online’s Return of Reckoning linked over 2200 accounts in Twitch


We were pretty amazed last month when we heard that Warhammer Online’s rogue server, Return of Reckoning, was getting Twitch drops. It turns out that this was a pretty good move for the popular server, as 2,277 accounts were linked up during this promotional time. Even better, more than 2.5 million minutes of the game were viewed because of this.

The team also pumped out a new patch on August 13th that removed the 75% mitigation cap on toughness, randomized ranked scenario maps, and made a big change to HoT and DoT abilities.

“HoTs and DoTs will no longer refresh the tick timer when they are reapplied, and the remaining time of the current interval is carried over to the new HoT/DoT,” the team said. “This is different to how it behaved on the live servers, but is a system other MMOs have adopted since then as it is a nice QoL improvement.”

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