Wurm Online tops concurrency records and will add yet another new server

Into the exceedingly well known.

Wurm Online has been fully on Steam for just over three weeks now. The surge of new players prompted Code Club to to roll out a new PvE server, Melody, on launch weekend. And now, it’s adding another.

“After the massive influx of players with the launch on Steam, the lands of Harmony and Melody have quickly become densely populated as new players find their home,” the studio says. “We’ve been monitoring deed density and player count, and with the continuing growing player base, we’ve decided to launch another server to accommodate all the new players! Cadence will be a 16km x 16km map equal to Harmony, with a focus on waterways providing plenty of coastal lands. We will be launching this server on the 21st of August, so get prepped!”

In the meantime, Code Club has backed off its earlier plans to dramatically change the priest profession and says it “will be introducing a new system to address those weak spots within playing a priest.”

The devs note that the game has “smashed” its concurrency records, “peaking at a concurrent 2200+” players.

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