Wurm Online tops concurrency records and will add yet another new server

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Wurm Online has been fully on Steam for just over three weeks now. The surge of new players prompted Code Club to to roll out a new PvE server, Melody, on launch weekend. And now, it’s adding another.

“After the massive influx of players with the launch on Steam, the lands of Harmony and Melody have quickly become densely populated as new players find their home,” the studio says. “We’ve been monitoring deed density and player count, and with the continuing growing player base, we’ve decided to launch another server to accommodate all the new players! Cadence will be a 16km x 16km map equal to Harmony, with a focus on waterways providing plenty of coastal lands. We will be launching this server on the 21st of August, so get prepped!”

In the meantime, Code Club has backed off its earlier plans to dramatically change the priest profession and says it “will be introducing a new system to address those weak spots within playing a priest.”

The devs note that the game has “smashed” its concurrency records, “peaking at a concurrent 2200+” players.


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One could argue this is a short term monetary decision. Premium land ( next to water) to deed on the two new Steam servers is gone. Many players want their own land and the developers know people will pay for it. It doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea for sustainability of the population though. They are spreading the population thin across four new servers and many of those will be inclined to bow out once their initial subscription expires. It’s a grindy game, perhaps the most of any MMO. Legacy servers are nearly empty now and the fear is the new Steam servers will suffer the same fate.


I don’t disagree that this may be thinning out the population and that in weeks/months things might be different. I would only argue that freed up land near the water on the something like Harmony would be good for new players to roll into.

As for it being grindy, yes it can be, but I’ve not met a grindy system that is satisfying. It’s great to know that that 10 quality level (QL in game) pick axe you made CAN be further improved upon – meaning that same pick axe you started with could be leveled to max. It works that way with every system – grind it up and it rewards you with more stuff to craft and/or higher QL if you want. This helps with the economy because not everyone will grind everything, and you will engage others in trade. Getting to 20/30 on any skill is not that hard. Also, as an example, if you are just making stuff for yourself, and improving it, you’ll see your levels go up and it won’t feel like a grind because you are so busy. :)


Good for them! I’m still playing it, but I’ve dropped off a bit. I think my mistake was setting up my own plot of land and not finding a group to play with. I don’t want to leave my spot because I paid money for premium and silver to setup the deed, but it’s hard to come up with goals on my own.


I’ve taken to going on a mountain top, deeding a swath of land, then planning out what I want. First, I dug out a mine to get iron. Then I began surface mining to level an area, and then digging to get dirt to flatten the area. From there I started building crafting stations and tools. I had to get myself fed, so I crafted items to fish. Then I cooked them. Then I got someone to convert me to a religion, and built an altar. Then I started foraging/botanizing more (in addition to initially foraging to feed myself) to start farming. The list goes on and on.

Point is, yes, it’s cool to become a conscript to someone else’s “property”, but it’s doable alone if that’s what you enjoy. The “goals” I set out for myself above just came about naturally from needing things and/or from the global chat or Discord advice I sought.

I still socialize with neighbors, engage in trade, sometimes head to the starter towns to do things, as well as secretly plot to bring dark religion to the land with the person who converted me. :D

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Dean Greenhoe

Happy to see the game finally doing well. Having played it years ago, it just was not ready for prime time.

In my book, every MMO success is a win for the overall community.