Closers Online’s developer is taking over operation following En Masse’s collapse

Not so close.

Following the shocking announcement yesterday that MMO developer and publisher En Masse Entertainment is closing its doors, it’s only natural to wonder what will become of its games. This morning, we have word that one title — Closers Online — is going to be just fine.

On Closers’ site, the team announced that the game’s developer, Naddic, will be taking over operation of the title in a couple of months:

“Today we delivered some bad news about the future of En Masse Entertainment. But I also have some great news to share about the future of Closers. Naddic, the developer of Closers and En Masse have been preparing to transfer game services to Naddic. Your time as a Closer will continue.

“En Masse will continue to support Closers with two more content releases currently scheduled for August 31st PDT and September 28th PDT. Then toward the end of October, we will begin transferring our data to Naddic who will bring servers back online with all of your progress preserved. You will not lose anything during this transfer and your new home will be with the developers themselves.”

So far, we have not heard any specific details about what is to become of TERA, although En Masse promised yesterday that the title would continue. We will keep an eye on the situation and bring you an update when we get word on it.

En Masse still hasn’t clarified where TERA is being shuttled off to, but it did reconfirm today that the game will continue under what’s left of En Masse “until service is transferred.”


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I would totally play a fresh start Tera server with a sub and no pay to win/progress.