Fractured outlines its plans for meaningful city selection in its next alpha test


In the most recent Fractured test, your goal for selecting a player-run city spot was just picking out a place you liked. That was it. But the next alpha test wants to make your location matter, and the key to that is placing resources there. Yes, that’s the big change coming with the next major update to the game’s test version; players will be able to harvest resources from the immediate area around the city, encouraging cross-city trading and careful selection of your city’s location.

Of course, this brings with it some additional motivation for players to do things with those resources, including the addition of a blacksmith’s forge as an available structure. Players can also make use of the newly added harbors to move between waterside settlements quickly, further giving some weight to the location of your settlement. This next test isn’t planned until some time in October, but the roadmap should give fans something to look forward to when it happens.


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