Blade & Soul Midnight Reborn update is now live

Blade & Soul Midnight Reborn update is now live

The update for Blade & Soul is happening now, but the real fun starts at midnight. Specifically, it starts in the revamped version of the Midnight Skypetal Plains, which is being made more challenging while also providing players with improved reward options. That does not mean you’re only eligible to go there with a raid at midnight. Based on all available evidence, you can go there any time you like.

Players can also get more out of the game aside from just new rewards and a new set of items to collect and enhance along with a new heart. Those things are all in there, of course, but the patch is also adding the new Compound system, which takes unwanted accessories and fuses them with runes to provide a bigger stat benefit all around. Check out the full set of patch notes and get ready for a whole mess of events, new items, and other stuff to do in or out of the aforementioned raid.

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