Crowfall is getting close to inviting all its registered players into the beta


Kickstarted MMORPG Crowfall dropped into beta last week, free of NDAs and full of content, but not everyone who’s ever signed up for the game’s testing has been invited. That’ll be changing probably sooner than you might’ve thought.

“Beta to us is not about starting a particular version,” ArtCraft’s Todd Coleman explains. “It’s about getting enough features and enough stability and quality and framerate and all that other stuff to where we feel comfortable starting to invite in the […] 350K-400K players that have registered at We’re feeling pretty bullish. So we want to see how this goes, but if this build looks pretty good, I would say that it is somewhere in the very near future. […] We don’t drop terms like alpha and beta lightly. We were pre-alpha forever – longer than most companies, in fact, before we called it. So beta is a big deal for us.”

Coleman and Blair run through the beta’s key features – which you already know about because you’ve been reading our coverage – before tackling player questions, everything from rewards and small guilds (they’re really focused on making sure small guilds don’t struggle) to sieging and eternal kingdoms.

Source: YouTube
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