Dual Universe shows off its recruit-a-friend program heading into beta

So we can agree that we're not getting the anchovies.

The best way to get someone into an MMO is via word of mouth. We accept this fact. And the best way to generate word of mouth? Having it come directly from a friend, naturally. This would be the logic behind the recruit-a-friend program arriving for Dual Universe when it kicks off beta testing on August 27th, with players able to give new friends a big leg up in starting the game and also earning rewards for their own experiences.

Every player recruited via recruit-a-friend gets a free bonus pack full of useful stuff to help out with the early stages of the game. Meanwhile, the recruiting player gets more rewards for any and all game time purchased by the recruited player, including several months of free game time if recruited players purchase a grand total of 60 months of time. (Worth noting here is that this is additive, so five friends buying six months each counts for 30 months total.) So if you’re trying to encourage friends to play, well, you have some added material incentive now.


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I took a risk on throwing money at some games in development a few years ago and this is the only one that I’m still very excited about. I’ve been waiting for it to mature a bit before diving in, and now looks like a good time to do that. :)