The Division 2 previews cosmetic gear customization for Update 11

It's important to tune these things.

The Division 2 has a specific look for its characters, and that look involves appearing as if you were shopping at whatever sporting goods stores or military surplus vendors were available to outfit your paramilitary mercenary group. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want all of your gear to match, and that’s where the game’s upcoming cosmetic customization system comes in with title update 11. Because you can mock all of the game’s armor looking like you’re posing for the cover of Soldier of Fortune, but you still probably have a preferred flak vest to wear just the same.

It’s important to note that this customization is only for armor, not for weapons, and it doesn’t cover Exotic gear. Otherwise, players of all levels will have access to changing your appearance around to match your ideal set of kit, complete with all of your unlocked appearances carrying with your characters across your account. It works like slotting in a modification, but it’s all of the different looks you’ve found. Check out the full preview for a few more details while you start to speculate about your ideal looks in the game.


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Brian Johnson

I remember somebody saying a long time ago, “Come on Massive, I want to be tacticool, not look like a murder hobo.” Still makes me laugh.

Kickstarter Donor

It’ll be like adding a whole new secondary customization system. I’ve had to wear some awful things due to playstyle, so this is a totally unexpected great bit of news!

Dug From The Earth

Never understood why they didnt have a system like this in from the start.

Such a heavy focus on cosmetics, having some obtusely bulky armor covering things up is just a face palm.

Kickstarter Donor

Thank goodness, because some of the gear in my sets is UGLY AF and I hate it. This was a pleasant surprise for TU11, and I hope more character recustomization options are on the way.

Now to just sit around and wait for info about the Skyscraper and whatever else is coming with the update. The game definitely needs some more non-raid content post WoNY, I’m starving.