Champions Online invites you to kill bugs with fire (or frost, lightning, or plasma)


Bugs! Spiders! Creepy crawlies! If these pests invade your home, you have our full permission to exterminate with extreme prejudice. And if giant-sized versions of these insects crawl into Champions Online, you have an obligation to save the world by smooshing them with every power at your disposal.

Champions Online is in such need of pest control, as the game is about to get a new alert that repackages the old Qularr Invasion for new fun and phobia-induced nightmares. Five players can team up to tackle the alert when it arises, but let’s just hope that they’re all equipped with plenty of Raid. Get it? Because… MMOs?

“For Champions Online’s upcoming 11th Anniversary Celebration, the 11th Hour, the Ravenswood Academy is asking for your help one more time,” Cryptic posted. “While the Qularr Invasion Simulation is known as the proving ground for new heroes, they believe they can gather better data by having more experienced champions step into the past, and face Millennium City’s darkest hour.”


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