MMORTS Starborne’s first beta dev blog enters the Dead Zone


Starborne may well be a rising star in the MMORTS genre, causing at least one of our number here at Massively OP to become “totally and completely addicted” to its gameplay. But it definitely needs to up its promotion if it wants to become anything other than an extremely niche title, which is why it’s a good thing that the devs have started writing a series of beta blogs to talk about Starborne’s future.

In the first such dev blog, Solid Clouds talked about the game’s Dead Zone, a “short mode” that can be played quickly in an evening by around a couple of dozen players. Some of the biggest changes on the horizon for the mode is a reduced duration from four down to three hours, improvements to the Les Apaches faction, augments for outposts, and a policy slot for each faction to “offer some element of replayability.”

The studio is running a public playtest of the Dead Zone this weekend on August 22nd and 23rd.

“After that is done and dusted, we are looking into setting up Dead Zone as a Seasonal endeavour,” Solid Clouds said, “something that runs for a month or two with a more rigorous scoring system and an easier system for players to sign up and jump in!”

Source: Starborne

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