Past Fate’s Kickstarter is 80% funded as its end looms tomorrow


We’re down to the wire for MMORPG Past Fate, whose second Kickstarter is set to expire tomorrow morning. A week or two ago, I didn’t think they’d make it; only $4000 had been raised by August 21st. But as of today, the game is hovering around $20,000 of its $25,000 goal, meaning it definitely has a chance of success on the platform this time ’round.

Yesterday, Icy North Games popped up a small teaser of the combat system, which is apparently what it’s been working on:

“It’s more dynamic, adds more weight to the weapons and overall makes the combat feel much more rewarding! Enemies are also able to block players attacks if they are carrying a shield. Same goes to the players. By holding up the shield, the player wont regenerate stamina, but instead is able to block enemy attacks which will drain stamina depending on the weapon type that hits the shield. Heavier weapon types will drain it quicker and might even cause some percentage of damage through the shield. If the players stamina goes to zero from enemy attacks, it will apply a stun for few seconds, making the player vulnerable to enemy attacks.”

“No matter what happens with the campaign, we will still actively develop the game and improve every aspects of it,” the studio says.

Source: Kickstarter
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