Take on the evil plant queen Alice in Grand Fantasia’s August update

Take on the evil plant queen Alice in Grand Fantasia’s August update

Gamigo has a slew of MMOs that don’t get a lot of attention, especially since the Trion takeover, and one of those is the cutesy free-to-play anime MMO Grand Fantasia, which this week dropped a late summer update that teams players up with sprites to take on a terrifying plant queen in a new city and dungeon.

“Hidden away behind the branching trees of an ancient forest, lays the mythical Rainbow Road that leads players to the Sprite Sanctuary, an antediluvian city floating high above the clouds,” the studio says. “Many treasures, long forgotten by the people of Saphael await the heroes brave enough to venture into the new dungeon and prove their might against the Taros, the new bosses that spawn across the world map. A new family of playful Sprites will aid the players and their companions in their quest to uncover the secrets of the radiant road to the heavens. For those who are still feeling restless afterwards, 67 enchanting Trivia quests can be solved to collect precious rewards. The update introduces thrilling new challenges to the fantastical world of Grand Fantasia where countless hours of adventuring await the players and their guild members.”

I’m a sucker for MMOs that still put out videos for their updates, and this is one. Enjoy!

Source: Press release, patch notes

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Malcolm Swoboda

Gamigo actually does update (some of) their games. It just slows to like a 1-2 per year glacier. The worry about Trion titles is that even that, arguably, isn’t happening. For RIFT, what’s happened this year? Season Passes (get it outta here), and weird world bosses. If there isn’t something substantial this year then players can be totally assuming that RIFT won’t even ‘finish Prophecy of Ahnket’, ever, let alone over years.