Torchlight III scrambles to balance and bug fix the game prior to launch


With its final wipe behind it and a fall launch ahead, Torchlight III is picking up momentum as it barrels through August. This week’s State of the Game post reported that all of this hype has translated into “a bunch of new activity, players, and feedback” for the online ARPG.

Echtra Games addressed many questions that players had about the game’s current build, including the higher difficulty of monsters, controversial relic skills, clunky movement skills, and lots of bugs everywhere.

For its part, the studio said that it’s still working hard to balance and adjust the game — and that the devs “are smashing [bugs] by the hundreds each week.”

“We are excited to see the updates listed above get pushed into the game,” the studio said. “We currently have the next update scheduled for September 1st, but because of our slower pacing this may get delayed if we don’t feel the build is ready.”

Source: Steam

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Personally I love the new higher difficulty of boss monsters. The relic skills are kind of clunky though.