RuneScape introduces the Alchemical Hydrix gem, OSRS seeks feedback for its Trailblazer League


The staff at MOP were very kind to leave me the duty of handling the Jagex bundle of news updates as a welcome back from my week-long internet outage, it seems. Thaaaaanks, guuuuys.

The week gone in RuneScape saw the introduction of the Alchemical Hydrix, a powerful gem that is used for two pieces of particularly potent jewelry: the Brooch of the Gods, which helps those skilling up, and the Essence of Finality, which lets players  consume any weapon to store that weapon’s special attack within the gem and then use it at will with a new ability found in the Constitution Ability Book. The pose also had the weekly patch notes and a number of other event details, as per usual.

As for Old School RuneScape, the folks at Jagex are seeking feedback from players regarding the recently announced Trailblazer League. It seems a bit odd that they’re asking for opinions on Twitter instead of sending out polls, but if you’ve got an opinion on the upcoming content, that link seems to be a place to give those opinions voice.

In other OSRS news, the devs have also come together digitally to discuss several topics including Hardcore Ultimate Ironman, Skillcapes for free players, whether a hot dog is a sandwich, and when the mods first played RuneScape. That’s just a smattering of the topics in the hour-long broadcast, which we’ve got embedded below.


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