OrbusVR previews the Aberration Island community goal and matches unlock points for a week


For the past several weeks, OrbusVR players have been participating in the Explore the Realm event in an effort to unlock a new island to explore, while the devs of the VR MMO have been making that goal easier by uncapping event totals which has reportedly helped fill the bar to completion significantly. Over the past week, that goal was likely made even easier to reach thanks to a points matching boost that ran between Tuesday, August 18th, and Tuesday, August 25th.

But just what is it that players are striving for? That’s been previewed in a quick sneak peek video that shows off some of the locales and a variety of familiar undead monsters commanded by new elite monsters that await players. This tentatively called Aberration Island is still without an official name, so players can take a survey to vote for their favorite. Of course, that won’t ultimately mean much until players unlock the location to begin with.

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